Saturday, 8 October 2016


Malaysia Tour Packages have been crafted especially for the tourists to ensure that they have the best of fun wherever they go and they can always have the best of fun when Malaysia Tour Packages are at the disposal, therefore when you are in Malaysia and you are confused as in where to eat and what to eat, you can always turn on to the street food of Malaysia which in no ways is going to disappoint you as it will make you fall in love with the beauty of street food and how diverse it is, so here is a sneak peak into the street food of Malaysia :

Assam Laksa :

Assam Laksa is a very famous street food that you are going to find in Malaysia. Rice noodles in a fishy soup served with tamarind is surely going to make you feel good about the street food of Malaysia with the very first intake. Assam Laska is one of the most poular things which will make you in love with it

Rojak :

Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad which is for the health conscious and fitness freak people. Though, Rojak is an interesting dish to take, you can be  very sure that this special kind of delicacy will in no ways disappoint you. The shrimp paste in it does the much needed trick. Rojak is not only for the fitness ones but also for all those people who are mad after the street food that is served in Malaysia.

Roti Canai :

As blande as the name sounds it is not that blande when you initially begin tasting it. This famous delicacy wins heart and has been winning heart since ages thus making it as one of the very popular street food items in Malaysia. Have it with a cuppa coffee and let the magic of street food wrap itself around you. Roti Canai is simply love to be honest.

Cendol :

Cendol is a cold desert soup which is very famous on the Penang Road. A big lump of rice encirculates this soup and you can even dig into it with a spoon but a spoon is not always held necessary. Let alone the two contrasting names that fool you, you cannot escape from this beautiful thing while you are hungry and having the time of your life in Malaysia.

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