Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Malaysia: The 5 best places to explore in this lovely place

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It brings a lot of happiness when you are off on a journey to a new destination isn’t it? Well if you are to agree to this statement then for sure you are to be a person who really enjoys traveling. When it comes to picking a place to visit it can get a little difficult. Malaysia is an amazing country located in the Asian continent. This travel destination is one of the best places across the world and you can plan a great trip here with the help of the many options available of Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai.

This place has almost everything to offer to the traveler. All that you probably would wish for on a holiday can be found in Malaysia. It is worth the experience to see and feel how people from a lot of different cultures, traditions and religions live together with each other peacefully and in harmony. There is an impressive unity to admire here and the amount of diversity Malaysia has is simply amazing. With a long list of attractions to offer, there is no reason why Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai would not be loved.

Here are some of the 5 best places to explore in this lovely country.

Perhentian Islands : Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands is a place that travelers would love to mark it on the top of their list. This archipelago of two islands Kecil and Besar is extremely beautiful and has a lot to offer to the visitors.

Penang National Park : One of the newest attractions in the country, the Penang National Park is a really interesting place to visit. This place has a lot of natural serenity from water streams to beaches that you can enjoy.

The Petronas Towers : Here is an iconic view of a spectacular man made structure. The twin towers of Malaysia, the Petronas Towers resemble two silver rockets. It is a unique and interesting place to experience.

Cameron Highlands : One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, the Cameron Highlands are indeed very pretty and a visit here is sure to be mesmerizing. Go here for a cool escape.

Langkawi : Situated off Malaysia’s northwestern coast, Langkawi is an archipelago of about 99 islands. This place has picture prefect beaches, mangroves, rain forests and mountains clad with forests. The experience of this place would be great fun.

These are only the 5 of some of the best places to visit in Malaysia. There is al lot more in store for you. Plan your trip well and choose from the most suitable of Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai.

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  1. Commonly called KK by locals, Kota Kinabalu has a small city center, boasting a number of landmarks, memorials and an observatory, which offers splendid views of the city. Just minutes from the city, the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park features five small islands that are ideal for snorkeling, diving and swimming. best places to visit in Malaysia