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3 places of Natural and Historical significance in Malaysia

Malaysia comprises of a peninsula and an island named Borneo, which is shared with Brunei and Indonesia. The peninsular region is rich in its cultural variety. It has in it the Indians and Chinese at its modern and efficient capital Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian Borneo offers some of the best places in Malaysia such as Orangutans, granite filled peaks, wild jungles and tribes. Malaysia makes itself a perfect mix with a pinch of luxurious resorts, majestic islands, and colonial towns. This country is still under exploration by the tourists from far countries, in 2010, over 2 million foreign visitors came in to this country out which, most were from the neighboring countries like Indonesia and Singapore, but more and more tourists are picking up on Malaysia tour packages.

Malaysia tour packages
Georgetown Intercity : It is located on the Northeast bend of Penang Island, and was named of the British King George III. Majority of the people here in Georgetown are of Chinese origin. Georgetown has managed to retain its colonial era shophouses till the date, due to strict controls. It also features unparalleled cultural and architectural townscape in the whole Southeast Asia. The true colors of this town disperse mainly in the evening when it is a treat to watch all the locals get on the streets to got the street hawkers nearby in order to have their drinks and meals.

Malaysia tour packages
Taman Negara : One of the oldest Tropical Rainforest in the world is “ Taman Negara” which is a Malay word meaning National Park. It flaunts it huge canopies with the jungle treks and waterfalls adding an essence to it. It also has the world’s longest canopy walks. Some of the trails let visitors roam around without even hiring an official guide. It is also a home to a lot of endangered species of the world such as rhinos, leopards, tigers, Asian elephants, although the number of these are low and the sightings are not at all frequent, but you never know if you could be lucky enough to spot one for yourselves. The most of what you’ll see here are lizards, small deer, birds, snakes and to the most, tapir. 

Malaysia tour packages
Langkawi : The archipelago of 99 islands, it is the Malaysia’s renowned holiday destinations. The west coast of Langkawi features some of the best resorts, wide choices of eateries and restaurants. It is spread it’s 99 tentacles in Andaman sea, out which only two are habituated by humans, one is the Pulau Langkawi which has a population of 65,000 and happens to be the biggest of all. The long, white sand beaches, jungles, hills and mountain peaks. Witness it with your eyes and you’ll say it justified calling it as the best holiday destination of Malaysia. These places you never missed when you  on Malaysia tour packages itinerary.

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These Fascinating Tours Will Surely Take You On Cloud Nine

Asia is probably one of the continents that brings up surprises for everyone and what better surprise than the two amazing places in the form of Singapore and Malaysia. So if you have planned a trip down to any of these beautiful destinations or both then it is advisable to go for Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages.

Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages just ensures that you get to see the best of these two places and gives you an insight into all the beautiful destinations and gives a get-away into these places like no other place. Though, if you ever feel lost you can always go ahead and avail the various tours that are in store for you, so here is a list of some of the important tours you can always look ahead to :

City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Tour : So basically all you need to do is hop on to this amazing open rooftop bus and it will take you to all the important places of Singapore. Apart from all the amazing sites that you are going to see this open rooftop bus will give you an amazing experience. You will also find a live commentary that runs on board which is the main USP of this sight-seeing tour. This double decker bus doubles the fun. There are around twenty two stops that you will come across in the twenty four stops, so you will get ample time to visit the places.
Four Night Singapore Semi-Independent Tour : The four night Singapore independent tour just makes sure that you experience Singapore at your own pace and fix up your itinerary on your own. You can choose your  three, four and five star hotel and then let the tour guides help you out with all the beautiful locations. There is also a pickup and drop facility from the airport. You can always tell the guide which sight-seeing tours you want to visit and from the wide range of options visit the ones you are interested in and you can always get an insight into the local scenes of Singapore as well.

Singapore Ultimate Attractions Pass : The ultimate Singapore attractions pass gives you discount offers and you can select from the top-attractions like the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Night Safari, Universal Studios etc. The pass is valid for continuous five to six days depending on how long you wish to stay there. It gives you the option to choose from your budget and schedule.
Singapore’s Chinatown Trishaw Night Tour : Hopping onto this trishaw will give you every nook and corner of Singapore and is also perhaps one of the best night tour as you can experience the nightlife just like you have imagined. Riverboat and Walking tours are also included here.

Vishal the author of this article feels that Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages are indeed the best as Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages give an insight into the best of tours.

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4 Reviving Nightclubs At Bali To Make Your Nightlife Memorable

When the world goes to sleep and mainstream lights go off, then there are places where laser beams go on and music flows up in the air. This is the time when nightlife actually starts and clubs go all ready to retreat their visitors with food, drinks, games, music and other sorts of entertainment. Clearly, there would have been no night clubs if all the people would have preferred to sleep at night. 

While visiting to various destinations, apart from the day light attractions whether it comes to sightseeing or any shopping center, there are also various spots which could be found active at night. And these spots are especially for those who like to be at the places rather than to pass their night sleeping. Bali , an Indonesian tourist destination is one of the places where you could find some of the most electrifying nightlife clubs and bars only if you love to remain awake at night. 

So, check out the list of incredible clubs and bars that you would come across while being on Bali tour packages

  • Sky Garden- Not just one, but you would find multiple clubs inside this spot which is a part of 61 Legian Entertainment Complex. Visit the clubs and DJs that continue to operate all the night at Sky Dome. One of the best parts of this complex is the roof top lounge that includes varieties of buffets specifically for the foodies. 

  • Jenja- A Middle Eastern restaurant to the top and nightclub to the downstairs, Jenja is all about pubbing, eating and dancing. For those who like to booze out have some great options at this club which include the categories like cocktails and other shots. The club also has a lounge for more facilities. 

  • Engine Room- Well, from the name itself one can judge the power of the entertainment level that could be found within the club. This 3 storey building opens up surprisingly at afternoon at the downtown Legian main street and keeps on operating late night. Visit to the club and you would get direct on to the dance floor. 

Of course, every nightclub has its own specialty, but of you are on your Bali tour package for about a week then you could definitely explore the vivacious nightclubs of this destination.   

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Malaysia Tour Packages have been crafted especially for the tourists to ensure that they have the best of fun wherever they go and they can always have the best of fun when Malaysia Tour Packages are at the disposal, therefore when you are in Malaysia and you are confused as in where to eat and what to eat, you can always turn on to the street food of Malaysia which in no ways is going to disappoint you as it will make you fall in love with the beauty of street food and how diverse it is, so here is a sneak peak into the street food of Malaysia :

Assam Laksa :

Assam Laksa is a very famous street food that you are going to find in Malaysia. Rice noodles in a fishy soup served with tamarind is surely going to make you feel good about the street food of Malaysia with the very first intake. Assam Laska is one of the most poular things which will make you in love with it

Rojak :

Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad which is for the health conscious and fitness freak people. Though, Rojak is an interesting dish to take, you can be  very sure that this special kind of delicacy will in no ways disappoint you. The shrimp paste in it does the much needed trick. Rojak is not only for the fitness ones but also for all those people who are mad after the street food that is served in Malaysia.

Roti Canai :

As blande as the name sounds it is not that blande when you initially begin tasting it. This famous delicacy wins heart and has been winning heart since ages thus making it as one of the very popular street food items in Malaysia. Have it with a cuppa coffee and let the magic of street food wrap itself around you. Roti Canai is simply love to be honest.

Cendol :

Cendol is a cold desert soup which is very famous on the Penang Road. A big lump of rice encirculates this soup and you can even dig into it with a spoon but a spoon is not always held necessary. Let alone the two contrasting names that fool you, you cannot escape from this beautiful thing while you are hungry and having the time of your life in Malaysia.

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Lose Yourself, Unwind a Bit & Rejoice Hard as You Raid Krabi Tour Packages

Heading to an offbeat travel destination is a very in things these days. There is no other better place than the cute little province of Krabi. Dominated with beaches, coral reefs and islands, Krabi has quite a lot in store for its every visitor. Located in Southern Thailand, Krabi takes 80 minutes flying time from Bangkok. From Phuket, you can approach Krabi in a few hours’ time by road or waters. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and gift your loved one Krabi Tour Packages and get ready to explore this unique and exclusive natural wonder.

Breathtaking spots covered under Krabi Tour Packages  

  • Railay Beach and Caves: Railay Beach welcomes you with peculiar landscapes, glossy white-sand spreads, bright sunshine, clear transparent waters and of course a soothing tropical climate. You also get to discover the limestone caves, which are veiled by potent cliffs. Make sure you don’t give the yacht party a miss.

  • Wat Tham Sua: Awaken the greater self within by paying a spiritual visit to Wat Tham Sua, better known as the Tiger Cave. You get to enjoy a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the surroundings when you climb up the tip of this cave. Home to a number of temples and pilgrims, you will spot plethora of monks in the adjoining vicinity.

  • Phi Phi Islands: One hotspot of Krabi is the Phi Phi Islands, which is a mere 45-minute boat ride from the heart of Krabi. A rare combination of white sand and turquoise waters stays put at these islands. You can hire your own yacht, if you plan to stay back at these islands for over four hours.

  • Krabi Shell Cemetery: One of the three shell cemeteries in the world, Krabi Shell Cemetery has been around for over 40 million years now. Enormous mangroves and petite Chinese temples are shown ups at this cemetery. Alongside the cemetery falls the Susan Hui Beach, where you will get to experience white waters, fresh air and natural surroundings.

All said and done, Krabi Tour Packages are incomplete if you fail to capture precious moments in your camera!

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Malaysia: The 5 best places to explore in this lovely place

malaysia tour packages from mumbai
It brings a lot of happiness when you are off on a journey to a new destination isn’t it? Well if you are to agree to this statement then for sure you are to be a person who really enjoys traveling. When it comes to picking a place to visit it can get a little difficult. Malaysia is an amazing country located in the Asian continent. This travel destination is one of the best places across the world and you can plan a great trip here with the help of the many options available of Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai.

This place has almost everything to offer to the traveler. All that you probably would wish for on a holiday can be found in Malaysia. It is worth the experience to see and feel how people from a lot of different cultures, traditions and religions live together with each other peacefully and in harmony. There is an impressive unity to admire here and the amount of diversity Malaysia has is simply amazing. With a long list of attractions to offer, there is no reason why Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai would not be loved.

Here are some of the 5 best places to explore in this lovely country.

Perhentian Islands : Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands is a place that travelers would love to mark it on the top of their list. This archipelago of two islands Kecil and Besar is extremely beautiful and has a lot to offer to the visitors.

Penang National Park : One of the newest attractions in the country, the Penang National Park is a really interesting place to visit. This place has a lot of natural serenity from water streams to beaches that you can enjoy.

The Petronas Towers : Here is an iconic view of a spectacular man made structure. The twin towers of Malaysia, the Petronas Towers resemble two silver rockets. It is a unique and interesting place to experience.

Cameron Highlands : One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, the Cameron Highlands are indeed very pretty and a visit here is sure to be mesmerizing. Go here for a cool escape.

Langkawi : Situated off Malaysia’s northwestern coast, Langkawi is an archipelago of about 99 islands. This place has picture prefect beaches, mangroves, rain forests and mountains clad with forests. The experience of this place would be great fun.

These are only the 5 of some of the best places to visit in Malaysia. There is al lot more in store for you. Plan your trip well and choose from the most suitable of Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai.

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Visiting The Gems Of South Eastern Asia With Singapore Malaysia Packages From Mumbai

Christmas is around the corner. Perhaps, you are looking to tour some international destination. This time, on the Christmas Eve, you can tour Singapore and Malaysia. In the entire South East Asia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are the most preferred holiday destinations. Featuring a beautiful contrast of green and blue, modernism and traditionalism, modern architecture, manmade beautiful attractions, rich culture and heritage, amazing tourist spots, brilliant nightlife and beautiful shopping centers, it is necessary to take Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai. This tour gives an opportunity to visit charming underwater parks, colorful shopping malls and markets, enjoy delicious cuisines. Malaysia tours give you a delightful travel experience since you can behold captivating sights such as Petronas Towers along with the monumental towers. Kuala Lumpur, on the other hand, sizzles with a lot many ancient heritage buildings, colorful markets.

Why consider Singapore Malaysia travel package?

Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai lets you enjoy a gamut of attractions and each one of them is extremely beautiful. Whether it is the exotic wildlife parks, pristine beaches, fun-filled themed water parks, rustic villages, zoo or it is cultural festivals, arts centers, you can enjoy everything. To experience the thrill of Singapore and Malaysia, you can book the travel package from an online agency. One can visit all the three places, namely Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia by opting for customized tour plan.

Top rated places to see in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore

If required, the holiday maker can choose any one of the two places and include within the package. Thailand is the land of smiles, Singapore is the shoppers’ paradise where as Malaysia is truly Asia. To enjoy your holidays in a memorable way, it is best to include all three places within the package. Some of the chief attractions of Malaysia include Georgetown, Melacca, Penang, Perlis, Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, Sarawak, etc. When you visit Singapore, you cannot afford to miss out on Jurong Bird Park, Bukit Timah National Park, Sultan Mosque, Singapore Zoological Gardens, Sentosa, Changi Chapel and Museum.

Apart from touring the places mentioned above with Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai, you can have great fun in the bustling shopping markets, exotic malls, night parties or enjoy a ride in the safari. You are sure to experience memorable moments with South East Asia tours.

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Make Your Summer Season Trip Blissful in Malaysia

Malaysia is gauged as one of the dynamic city on the Asian continent that is completely immersed with prehistoric culture plus well acknowledged practice. This should be spectacular holiday place for the vacationer from all parts of the globe. Malaysia is cherished with great deals of resources and also taking in the sights locations such as dining establishments, islands, beaches, bar and etc. Malaysia tour packages deal is one of the bundles which will totally fit for people from all financial groups also. Malaysia tourist plan will absolutely captivate the traveler as well as tourist to a good prolong. In addition the visitor will certainly obtain great reaction along with warm welcome from the beginning of the trip to end.

"Malaysia, Really Asia" is the advertising project to spread out the online reputation of Malaysia tourist too. The highlight is that the advertisement reached to all parts of the world and also it covered the attention of individuals. As the result of that it got millions and numerous site visitors from throughout the world. This ad project discloses the worth as well as loveliness of Malaysia to the world. The Malaysia tour are composed visit to sensational seasides, all-natural parks as well as luxurious put on top. The most renowned areas like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi and Genting Highland were very checked out places in Malaysia.

Malaysia tourist has its distinct acceptability as well as quality among the globe as well as it strives to keep the status up to the mark. Kuala Lumpur, the resources city of Malaysia, is the most crucial city that everyone needs to pay a browse through throughout the Malaysia tour also. Penang is a taking in the sights location that the travelers would like to see the area as well as appreciate the charm of the lively place. This place includes outstanding taking in the sights places and also historical areas to make sure that it will definitely delight the tourists.

Close to all these, the visitor has great deals of multi food dining establishments which offer various varieties of the food such as Italian, French and Chinese as well. Malaysia tourist package is readily available all the countries and also it can be scheduled from anywhere from the globe. As soon as the tour has actually been booked after that the staying things would certainly be make sure by the tourist representatives. Malaysia tour will definitely make thevisitor delighted and also it helps them to maintains their worries off of them. The people pertaining to Malaysia will fail to remember all their troubles in life as well as they will rejuvenate themselves also.

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8 Amazing Places to Visit During Singapore Tour

Is this your first time in Singapore, but you don't want to go to the usual places? Or have you been in this mini country for so many times that the usual is getting boring? Here are a few unusual places you can visit in Singapore that are often overlooked by the locals and undetected by the tourists.

1. Urban Redevelopment Authority office

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Singapore is the body that is responsible in planning and facilitating Singapore's physical development. Located in Tanjong Pagar area, the URA office can easily be reached from Chinatown too.

The first floor of the office is opened for the public and it is the home of Singapore City Gallery, where the miniature models of both downtown Singapore tour packages and Singapore as a whole can be seen. The models are done with astonishing details, including areas still in building and areas still in planning

If you are familiar with Singapore, it is fun to just stand there and find what is where. If you're not, it is a great props to get familiar with the country and prepare your itinerary!

2. National Library of Singapore

I can almost hear the groans at the mere suggestion to visit a library during a holiday trip. But National Library of SIngapore (NLB) is more than a place to read and borrow books. It is also an architectural icon with its bioclimatic design techniques. It has won several awards for its environmental friendliness.

So if you're a fan of books, architecture, art, or culture, National Library of Singapore tour is worth a visit. Especially because it is located just across Bugis shopping street and a walk away from Raffles City Shopping Centre.

3. Haw Par Villa

Also known as Tiger Balm Gardens, Haw Par Villa is an eerily interesting place to visit. The park housed about 1000 statues and some 150 dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends, and history. With so many life-like statues, the atmosphere of the place is a little unsettling. The most gruesome feature may be the Ten Courts of Hell, which features depictions of Hell in Chinese mythology and Buddhism. Good thing is, the admission is free of charge.

It used to be difficult to reach the park with its location out of the city centre, but with the recently-build Circle Line, there is a stop right in front of the Park named after it, the Haw Par Villa MRT Station.

4. The Animal Resort

Imagine a homely zoo where you can feed and play with the animals. This is what The Animal Resort offers its visitor. With no entrance fee and only $1-2 for the animals' food, "the farm" is a great place to go with children. Although it's quite far from the city, a bus ride a way from Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, The Animal Resort is a good alternative when you want to get in touch with nature and animal without having to have a full day visit to the zoo.

5. Tiger Beer Brewery 

This is the place to visit when you travel without children. Alcohol is mainly expensive in Singapore, but here, with only $16 you can drink all you can in 45 minutes. The setback? The brewery is located way out of the town, a long bus ride away from the last MRT Station in West Singapore. The fee is actually for a whole-package tour in the brewery, but nobody seems to remember what's it about other than the drinking buffet.

Advance bookings are required for the tour and can be made by calling -LRB-65-RRB- 6860 3005 or emailing Remember to bring your passport or other form of ID to show that you are of the drinking age.

6. Albert St. 

Bugis Street is so well-known that it's beginning to be overrated. Instead, have a different experience by heading down to a street behind it, called the Albert St. The intersection is filled with vendors of apparel, jewellery, toys, and many other interesting things.

The surrounding buildings are no less interesting. OG Shopping Mall offers branded items with reasonable prices all year round. Fu Lu Shou Complex is a shopping mall that houses Daoist and Buddhist shrines, as well as tenants for the religions' needs. If you're hungry, drop by the foodcourt nearby and some local delicacies, vegetarian or Indonesian food.

7. MacRitchie Reservoir Park. 

MacRitchie Reservoir is the side of Singapore people don't usually see. Some don't even believe it exists in metropolitan Singapore. Non-locals who have stayed in Singapore for several years will often shows bafflement when told about this oldest reservoir in Singapore. But there it is, a serene blanket of greeneries that serves as water catchment areas located right in the middle of Singapore geography.

Like other parks, visitors can choose to come here to enjoy solitary activities like reading or fishing, or join a guided walk for $4 per person (minimum 10 people in the group). The park is accessible all day long, but lights will only be on from 7 am to 7 pm.

It is a little difficult to be reached by public transport. The closest MRT stations are either Caldecott or Marymount (of Circle Line). Buses that come close are but 52, 74, 93, 157, 162, 852, and 855. They, however, don't come close to the lake, the main destination of the park. Visitors must spend some time walking from MRT/bus station. It is highly recommended to have your own transport if you want a sweat-less experience to reach the park.

8. Jurong East Sports Complex. 

This isn't your ordinary swimming pool. Jurong East Sports Complex is one of the largest of its kind in Singapore. Other than offering the usual competitive pool, it also has a lazy river pool, wave pool with storm effects, and long water slides among a lot of other facilities. The best thing of all, visitors can enjoy all this with only $1.50 during weekdays or $2 during weekends!

It opens from 8.00 am to 9.30 pm (Tuesdays to Sundays & Public Holidays), Closed on Mondays. Probably the only bad thing about the pool is that it's located in Jurong East, quite a bit of walk away from Chinese Garden MRT.

Closed: Crocodile Farm.

Making its way to future residential area, Tan Moh Hong Reptile Skin and Crocodile Farm, the oldest crocodile farm in Singapore closed its door and tear down its walls in mid-2012. It will always be a part of Singaporeans' fond memories where for 67 years, it provides an exciting experience to see crocodiles closely.

The only crocodile farm still opened in Singapore, Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm, doesn't seems to welcome the public as it is also a crocodile tannery.

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4 Reasons To Choose Thailand As A Holiday Destination This Time

Thinking of holidays but confused about that incredible destination? Well, it generally happens with every individual or a group while planning for a vacation. We know about the places and their popularity for being a holiday spot, but when it comes to selection of the spots, it becomes a different story. Not to mention, the globe has various incredible places to explore and to discover and some of them are really meant for tourists. 

Thailand holiday package, for instance, is one such place which has been the choice of backpackers from across the world. The aspect lies within the country itself. It has everything to keep you engaged all the times. You have the option to explore its beaches, temples, architectures, cuisines, traditions and distinct lifestyles of its cities. The travelers visiting this place hardly find their time to move out from this place. 

So what makes Thailand a much happening place for visitors? Check out the reasons below-
  • Pai- Stretched between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, Pai is an emerging city for the travelers. It is known for its breathtaking landscapes and serene ambience. Apart from all these, you also have the options to opt for trekking or to visit the hill tribes, waterfalls, hot springs, elephant caves and whitewater adventure. 
  • Railay- A beach place like you would have never experienced before. The very first thing that you would notice visiting here is the sky touching cliffs emerging from the water body. For this reason, Railay is entirely accessible through boats. Well after a delighting cruise, what you would like the most is the beach over here. Enjoy your time away from the crowd and hustles and bustles of the city. 
  • Chiang Mai- If you want to catch the vivaciousness and splendid movements of Thailand then you should not miss visiting this city. It is the place where tradition, adventure and culture meet altogether. It exhibits arrays of modern architecture along with the hint of some old ones too. Long story short, Chiang Mai provides you a nostalgic effect. 
Need more reasons to opt for Thailand tour? Remember to refer a renowned tour operator to manage your trip conveniently. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Arrive and Explore Singapore

Singapore is considered to be one of the most enthralling country rich in contrast and color. This shows the perfect mix of modern and traditional culture because that it attracts thousands of site visitors from all over the world. Singapore is one of the better south Asian cities which provide the visitors with tempting culinary delights. Singapore fascinating attractions are must make you spell limited.

Singapore tour packages are incredibly popular these days. That has become one of the extremely beautiful and attractive getaway destinations of the world. Singapore tour package will take you through wonderful sky- scrapers, vast departmental stores and beautiful gardens and above all offers you with wonderful night life.

Singapore package tour requires you through most recognized attractions in metropolis such as Orchard road which known as the entertainment hub of the city.

Singapore tour package will give you With Merlion, it is high Hillock disregarding the sentosa with 3 meter high with big cat head and a seafood body resting over a reputation of waves is one of the main tourist place. This signifies the symbol of Singapore Tourism.

Sentosa Island is also one of the popular island resort of Singapore which is one of the main attraction of Singapore tour package. It offers long sheltered beach, golfing course, five star hotels and theme park and many more. In Sentosa Island there are a lot several things to enjoy and explore that will give you memories of life span.

Juron Bird Park is a concept park which is yet another major attraction for tourists. This is one of the most significant in Asia ocean which has 600 varieties of birds from worldwide which offers tourist experience that is entertaining and educational both. It is truly an ornithologist haven.

Singapore offers something for everyone. Why wait? Publication your tickets now and enjoy the mesmerizing locations of Singapore. There are many packages that will plan your journey from Dubai to Singapore. Most the packages include come back air ticket/ airfares to Singapore and hotel accommodation. There are many flight companies which run between China to Singapore but cheap flights are provided by Emirates, Etihad Airways and Singapore airlines.

Right now hurry to Singapore and indulge in your vacation with friends, family, beloved and cherish the memories during your life with Singapore tour package and indicate it with golden words in your life.

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Explore Some Jaw Dropping Spots On Bali Holidays

It is needless to mention that there are various holiday destinations all over the world. But there are hardly some of the spots that come out to be the most lovable destinations of the country. There are many instances in this regards. If you are a globetrotter, it would be easy for you to determine such places. Isn’t it? However, if you are new to exploring the places then it would be interesting for you to know about those places. 

Consider Bali for instance. This is the only one most visited place out of 17,000 islands in Indonesia. It includes myriad of attractions, which though existing over the years still give a nostalgic effect. In general, it has the aspects that could revive every frame of mind. So, what are the factors that make Bali tour a truly discovering place in all around Indonesia? Check out some incredible points below to know the reason-

Sanur Beach- The white sands and the quite ambience along with the placid waters of this beach are enough to capture anyone’s mind. The best part about this place is the beach itself which is very well maintained till date. Apart from that, you could also explore the other sites like Le Mayeur Museum and the Blanjong Temple. 

Lovina- Want to watch the dolphins jumping and splashing into water? You won’t have to visit any water park and pay to catch them. Move on to Lovina and you could see the groups of dolphins over there. This beach with its black volcanic sand proves to be an ideal picnic spot for families and groups as it also includes snorkeling and scuba diving options. 

Mount Batur- This spot is for those who look for some real time adventure in Bali tour Packages. Mount Batur being a mountain is also sometimes a volcano. And not only just that, but it also has various other facets like craters, various villages and a lake too. You could easily trek out the mountain within two hours and once you are on a height, you can view the magnificent sunrise from this place. 

Pura Besakih- Keeping up with the mountains, this is the highest of all in Bali that you would explore. Not only that, but this mountain also has the historical importance due to the famous “Kahyangan Jagat”. It is said that the nine directional temples were built to shield off the land from evils. 

While Bali stays to be one of the most affordable tourist destinations, but at the same time, the tour guides could be expensive. Hence, it is always recommendable to rely on the Bali packages to make your trip organized and convenient. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bali Tour: A paradise for those who love exploring

Visiting new countries, new cities and towns is very interesting isn’t it? If you agree then you ought to be a person who has love for exploring and traveling. When we travel and visit a new place, we make a lot of beautiful memories, which we cherish for a lifetime and we also live experiences like never before. This makes it fun to travel and we also get a solution to a break from routine life. Bali as a travel destination is indeed a wonderful option and it is a paradise for travelers. A good Bali tour packages is exactly what you need to enjoy a beautiful holiday.

It would not be wrong to say that Bali is a place with a magnetic energy because this amazing destination pulls so many travelers and gets them to be in love with the place. It has a really long list of attractions and probably would need an endless holiday for you to explore all of them. There are some serene natural sights like beaches, forested mountains, paddy fields and coral reefs that you would admire over here. A Bali tour is sure to be fun.

Bali as a place is very diverse and has an excellent demography. You would have many places to choose from when on a trip to Bali. Out of all the options here is a recommendation for you.

Nusa Lembongan:

A small island off Bali’s southeastern mainland, Nusa Lembongan is a famous tourist attraction in Bali. The visitors can tour this beautiful island in about three hours only. Amongst the most attractive things about the island is the Mushroom beach near Jungutbatu. It features soft white sand along with turquoise clear water. Diving and snorkeling is something you can enjoy here. A visit to Nusa Lembongan would make your Bali packages interesting for sure.

You can also look forward to visiting other places like Lovina and Mount Batur. You should pick the places that suit you the most. Make the best of your time and enjoy your Bali tour package to the fullest.

About the Author:
Harsh, an upcoming songwriter loves traveling and has shared in this post, tips that would help reader in choosing a good Bali tour package.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Bali: An interesting place to visit in Indonesia

Have you ever felt evoked by the beauty of a place you have visited? If not then you have for sure not yet been to Bali. We are very lucky to be living in a world with so many beautiful places to visit and Bali is one of them. This Indonesian island is an excellent destination and travelers from around the world prefer it for their holidays. If you are keen for some time off your routine life and need a break then head to Bali for a perfect vacation. You can plan a great trip with the help of good Bali tour packages.

Bali is a destination that has plenty of attractions to offer. There is a lot you can see and a lot you can do over here. Temples, paddy fields, beaches, tropical forests and volcanic mountains are some of the serene natural sights you can experience and enjoy in Bali. If you wish to explore all of the attractions here then you would probably need an endless holiday. Every type of visitor is sure to have fun and enjoy good Bali packages.

During your trip to Bali, you will have the option of doing a lot of things and visiting many different places. From all of those choices here is a suggestion for you on a place you can visit.

Mount Batur:

Mount Batur is located on of Bali’s most dramatic landscapes. The 1,717 meter high mountain is at times an active volcano and dominates the northeastern section of the island. This place include many villages, four caters and a lake as well. The peak is not the highest point in Bali and it is not very difficult to climb this mountain. It is a popular activity over here to climb Mount Batur to witness sunrise. Pura Ulur Danu Batu is one of the 9 major Hindu temples in Bali and people also visit this place for that very temple. A visit over here would make interesting, Bali tour packages.

There are many other interesting destinations you can experience in this Island. Select from the destinations that attract you and plan well. Something like Bali tour from flamingo can be a good help.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Malaysia: One of the Best Destinations in South East Asia

A good holiday is something everyone requires isn’t it? If your answer is a yes then for sure you are someone who loves to travel. To travel is one of the best feelings in life and it has all the reasons to be. When you travel you make a lot of wonderful memories, which you can cherish for a lifetime and you also live experiences like never before. In this amazing planet that we live in, we have so many different travel destinations to choose from and amongst them, Malaysia is one of the best places to visit. With Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai you can plan a great trip.

In Malaysia, there is everything a traveler would wish to find. If there were an award to be given to any country for its diversity, Malaysia would be awarded the first place. There are so many attractive places in this country and so much to be enjoyed. Another thing you would like about this place is the experience of how different cultures; customs, religions and traditions exist together peacefully. There is no doubt on why travelers would be fond of Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai.

When touring in Malaysia, you will have a lot of options to choose from for places to visit. Out of all those options, here is a suggestion on a destination you can visit.


Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands situated in the northwestern coast of Malaysia. This unique destination is extremely serene and is one of the best places to visit in the country. There are a lot of beautiful picturesque beaches to enjoy over here. You also have interesting attractions like forest-clad mountains, mangroves and rainforests. There are a lot of resorts, hotels and tourist facilities that have been developed over here recently. This makes it a great place to spend time at and explore on good Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai.

Apart from Langkawi, there are many other options you can experience. Spend your time on the destinations best suitable to you. Pick from packages that include destinations you would enjoy. Something like Malaysia tour packages from flamingo can be a good help.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Mesmerizing Sightings To Check On Your Thailand Package

Thailand is known for its fascinating history, beautiful scenery luring the travelers and, not to forget, the devout culture and heritage of Buddhism. Apart from that, alluring palaces, ancient temples, rim idyllic bays, exquisite food, palm-studded beaches, will mesmerize you in your Thailand Packages.

Plan and cherish your vacation with Thailand Package.

Ko Samet

Being the eastern seaboard islands of Thailand, Ko Samet is located in the Gulf of Thailand far off the coastal line of Rayong – the Thai province. 250 kilometers far away, Ko Samet is a charmer in terms of sandy shores, aqua-marine colored water, cozy coves, fire-juggling shows, beach parties and barbecues, to name a few. Plan your Thailand tour in such a manner that you don’t miss out on the dense interior jungle residing in a secluded and sedated way. Ko Samet is the favorite destination of backpackers. 

Wat Phra Kaew

The soil of Wat Phra Kaew was made sacred in 1782 and is the sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. Your eyes will be amazed to witness the religious and political aspects of Thai society, which showcased via Emerald Buddha. It is being the main attraction of the place. Wat Phra Kaew is also considered to be the Bangkok’s one of the biggest pilgrimage destinations and tourist attractions of Nationalists and Buddhists. With more than 90 hectares and possessing 127 buildings, which represent architectural experimentation and royal history of the past 20 decades of Wat Phra Kaew. 


One of the marvelous beach resort townships located in the West Phuket Island. Patong is sandy and boasts of the string of cafes, bars and restaurants. Incredibly, it is free for everyone with the bustling nightlife scene featuring go-go bars beer, massage parlors, bars, trans-gender cabarets, nightclubs, and a street long lit with neon lights named as Paradise Complex and Bangla Road. Moreover, including Patong to your Thailand land Packages will actually energize your trip with diving deep into the water, having street-side grilled fish, Thai boxing shows, antique and other shopping malls becoming the delight for the shopper squad. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

4 Stunning Buddhist Temples to Visit With a Thailand Land Package

The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand is well known for its tropical beaches, lush palaces, old ruins and ornate Buddhist holy places. Located in the Indochinese Peninsula, the country is often visited by hordes of vacationers throughout the years. It consists of stunning islands, thick jungles, coastlines with wild nightlife and popular shopping areas. World travelers can admire the natural elegance of its landscapes and architectural fineness of its temples as well as palaces with a Thailand plan. Of the numerous temples that embellish this land of a thousand smiles, Wat Arun, Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Pho as well as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep are worth discovering.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun, associated with the Temple of Dawn, is a Buddhist holy place located in the Bangkok Yai district, on the Thonburi west bank of Chao Phraya River. It is likewise called Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan. 

Representing the Khmer design of style, it has four small towers symbolising terrestrial depiction of thirty-three heavens. This temple architecturally stands for Mount Meru, the centre of the globe in Buddhist cosmology. Called after the Indian God of Dawn, Aruna, it also enhances mystical significance with the images of Guardian Gods in its four-cornered towers. Various Thailand holiday package deals offer a trip of this remarkable landmark of the country.

Wat Pra Kaew

Considered the most sacred Buddhist holy places in Thailand, Wat Pra Kaew is a crucial religious symbol of the country, located in Bangkok. Officially named Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram, it is commonly called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha for the elaborately carved statuary of the Buddha that stocked below. 

This picture of a meditating Buddha is raised high on a series of platforms as well as comes just to the King. It stays covered by a seasonal mask, altered 3 times a year, in a vital habit performed to bring good fortune. The model of Angkor Wat constructed in the holy place, as well as the murals, which show the tales of the Ramayana, are various other attractions right here.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a Theravada Buddhist holy place in the Chiang Mai Province. Commonly referred to as Doi Suthep, which is in fact the name of the hill where it is located, the Wat is a monastery. Tourists could take pleasure in the stunning panorama of the city from this mountain top holy place. 

The intricately sculpted Naga Serpent Staircase, design of the Emerald Buddha statue, the golden apex and historical murals, as well as shrines on the wall surfaces are a few of the fantastic sights this holy place supplies. Travelers could avail Thailand packages to take a trip to this sacred site at the top of Mount Suthep.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is among the much less crowded places to visit in Thailand. This complex lies beside the Grand Palace in the Phra Nakhon area of Bangkok. Also called Wat Phra Chetuphon, it is famous for its huge reclining Buddha covered in a gold leaf. 

Its substance includes the largest collection of Buddha photos in the nation. In addition to being an adored shrine, it is additionally among the leading schools of massage therapy in Thailand, and vacationers can delight in the enjoyment of a typical Thai massage therapy right here.